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to the HEAL Cities Campaign for the Northwest, a partnership of the League of Oregon Cities and the Oregon Public Health Institute, made possible with generous support from Kaiser Permanente.

Over 35 cities across the state have adopted policies and systems that create walking and biking paths, parks and open space, healthy and affordable food outlets, and that make the municipal workplace an environment that supports daily physical activity and nutrition.

The city plays an important role in health. Oregonians want to eat better, move more, and feel energized to do the things they love. People make healthier choices when healthy options are accessible, affordable, attractive, and convenient. By expanding options for healthy eating and active living around the places Oregonians live, work, play, shop, go to school, and worship, a city can help fight the epidemic of weight-related illnesses, including Type II diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, infertility, and depression. Prevention is always cheaper and more effective than any medical treatment.

As a leader, you have a pretty good idea of how your city could be healthier. Let us help you improve the environment for health in your community. You can:

Watch how cities can play a role in healthy environments:


The HEAL Cities Campaign is a joint project between the Oregon Public Health Institute and the League of Oregon Cities, with generous funding from Kaiser Permanente.