City officials, including elected officials, city managers, and city planning directors, have the power to change the local built environment and the local economic environment to put healthy options within reach of all local residents.

The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign assists civic leaders to create healthier communities by providing model HEAL policies, representing national best practices in improving access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity. HEAL staff work with leaders committed to improving the health of their communities by offering customized assessments, training, technical assistance, and marketing materials.

The HEAL Campaign is focusing on policies that will add little or nothing to local government budgets. These policy changes will, over time, have a profound impact on children’s health and well-being today and generations to come.

HEAL policies benefit entire cities, by making them more livable. HEAL Cities are places that people want to reside and businesses want to locate. In addition, adopting one or more HEAL policies may make your city eligible for implementation funds from other sources. HEAL staff can alert you to these opportunities.