Become a HEAL City by following the six steps below. The process varies somewhat from city to city, but always follow this sequence. You can download step by step instructions here.

Step 1: Contact the Campaign to discuss opportunities for your city to join.

Step 2: The HEAL Cities recognizes cities with four designations: EAGER, ACTIVE, FIT and FABULOUS. Download the HEAL Campaign Levels document to find out where your city ranks now and to select a goal.

Step 3: Download the HEAL Cities Policy Menu to determine what policies might work best for your city.

Step 4: Download the HEAL Resolution and work with Campaign staff to draft a resolution with specific policy goals. If you are ready to adopt a nutrition or physical activity policy, work with Campaign staff to tailor policy language to your city.

Step 5: Work with Campaign staff to develop a strategy to bring the resolution or policy to your city council.

Step 6: Pass your city’s HEAL resolution or policy.

Step 7: Identify point of contact for next steps.

Step 8: Receive technical assistance from HEAL Cities Campaign staff.

Once your city council has adopted a resolution or policy, you will receive copies of the HEAL City logo to use on electronic and print materials. Your city will also be placed on the HEAL Cities map.

We look forward to having your city join us to create healthier cities!