A HEAL City is a:

  • livable city that both old and young are proud to call home.
  • forward-looking city where businesses want to be.
  • healthy and fair city where safe places to play, safe routes to school, and convenient options for nutritious food are all within reach of all of our children.
  • welcoming city where built-in amenities like community gardens, farmers markets, bike paths, and walking trails bring the community together.
  • concerned city that encourages its employees to eat better and move more.

The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign celebrates all municipal policies that make Oregon cities places where residents, employees and visitors can be physically active and have access to nutritious foods.

The HEAL Cities Campaign considers a policy to be a written and adopted statement of a city’s intent accompanied by guidelines, standards and/or specific action steps.

Cities can move toward becoming a Healthy Eating Active Living City by taking the steps outlined in the Campaign’s fact sheet, Be an Active City.

Cities can also submit their policies by contacting the Campaign.