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Photo: Garden Kids by Sally Painter

About Us:

Photo: Girl Growing Food by Josh Tillinghast


Photo: ROSE CDC Resident:  PhotoVoice Project

Land Use and Transportation:

Photo: Kids on Sidewalk: HKHC Rose PhotoVoice Project

Comprehensive Plan Updates

Photo:  Farmers Market

Healthy Zoning:

  • Photo: Noelle, Bike and Bus, OPHI
  • Photo: Bike Sign by Josh Tillinghast
  • Photo: Village Gardens by Janus Youth Program

Healthy Infrastructure:

Photo: Playground, HKHC Photovoice Project

Transportation Plans:

Photo: Crosswalk by Carl Vandervort

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans:

Photo: Kids in street with bikes by Josh Tillinghast

Safe Routes to School:

Photo: Kids and bikes 2 by Josh Tillinghast

Economic Development:

  • Photo:Fruits and Veggies by Multnomah County Health Dept Health Retail Initiative
  • Photo: Gardening People byVillage Gardens, Janus Youth Programs
  • Photo: People at Farmers Market by Zenger Farms

Shared Use:

Photo: Playground by Josh Tillinghast

Workplace Wellness:

Photo: OPHI Meeting, OPHI

Join HEAL Cities:

Photo: Girls and Vegetable by Josh Tillinghast

Eager Active Fit Cities:

Photo: Woman and veggies by Village Gardens, Janus Youth Programs

HEAL City Resolution:

Nancy handshake, OPHI

Local Policies:

  • Photo: New playground, HKHC Photovoice Project
  • Photo: Kids fixing bikes by Josh Tillinghast