The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign offers civic leaders a menu of policies to use in creating healthy cities. The policies are in the areas of Land Use & Transportation, Access to Healthy Food Options, Shared Use, and Workplace Wellness.

Please send us your other policies that fit into the scope of the Campaign. We would love to learn about them.

Land Use & Transportation

Land use tools such as planning documents, zoning codes, and infrastructure investment can be used to increase the options for healthy eating and active living. Transportation tools such as transportation plans, bicycle and pedestrian plans and Safe Routes to Schools programs are other ways to help promote increased physical activity of city residents. Over time, small changes can help residents eat better, move more, and do the things they love.

Access to Healthy Food Options

When some city neighborhoods lack options for healthy eating, cities can use powerful planning, economic development, and public relations tools to expand healthy food options.

Shared Use

Cities can enter into shared use agreements to expand community access to recreational resources on public property. Cities can also encourage schools and other entities to open their sites to the public.

Workplace Wellness

As employers, cities can set the environment for their employees. Small modifications to work environments can make it easier for employees to eat better and move more. An increasing number of public sector employers are making easy and affordable changes to the work environment to support employees’ interest in being healthy. These workplace changes are important because employees spend nearly half their waking hours at work.


The HEAL Cities Campaign Resolution contains model language for declaring your city’s policy goals in the areas of Land Use & Transportation, Economic Development, Shared use, and Workplace Wellness. It is designed to be tailored to your city.