Cities’ tools of planning, zoning, and infrastructure investment can have a positive effect on residents’ health. Access to everyday physical activities such as walking and biking, availability of open space for recreation, close proximity of healthy food choices to residential areas- all depend on good land use and transportation policies.

The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign Resolution has model language to declare your city a HEAL City and establish your policy goals in the area of land use and transportation.

Comprehensive Plan Updates

Cities can use their comprehensive plan update process to increase options for healthy eating and active living.

Transportation Plans

Some cities incorporate transportation plans in their general plans to increase options for active transit, such as biking, walking, and public transportation, and to improve access to public facilities, commercial amenities, and recreation and natural areas.

Healthy Zoning Regulations

Zoning regulations are powerful land use tools for promoting health eating and active living.

Healthy Infrastructure Investments

Cities can focus infrastructure investments on walking, biking, public transit, and access to recreation and natural areas.