Comprehensive Plan Updates

Cities can use their required comprehensive update process to increase options for healthy eating and active living. One way to do this is to add health goals, policies, and outcome measurements to the plan.

Goals and policies that increase options for physical activity include:

    • Promoting mixed-use development, transit-oriented development, infill development, and street connectivity
    • Addressing pedestrian and bicycle safety
    • Increasing the number of parks, open spaces, and recreational trails
    • Improving access for all residents to existing recreational and natural areas

Goals and policies that increase options for healthy eating include:

    • Providing bus access to grocery stores
    • Identifying food deserts and making fresh food available in those areas
    • Collaborating with public health agencies and organizations to support programs and activities related to nutrition, including classes in gardening and cooking and physical activity

Examples of Local Policies

City of Vancouver, Washington Comprehensive Plan. 2011.

Food Access and Health through the Built Environment: Appendix in the Comprehensive Plan. City of Gresham. 2012.


Land Use Resources

Healthy Communities: The Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool. Toolkit for a Healthy Delaware. Institute for Public Administration University of Delaware. 2010.