The HEAL Cities Campaign toolkit contains the following fact sheets:

HEAL Cities Policy Menu– A guide to help civic leaders determine what policies might help expand options for healthy eating and active living.

The HEAL Cities Campaign Draft Resolution– A simple one-page resolution that a city can use to join the Campaign. Suitable for cities that already have some HEAL policies, as well as those that are just getting started.

A Cities Role in Building a Healthy Community– An overview of the obesity epidemic and the benefits of adopting municipal policies to create a healthier food environment.


Resources for Developing Policy Recommendations

in your City

Be an Active City– A guide for assessing city readiness for adopting HEAL Cities Campaign policies and steps for moving forward.

Be a City with Healthy Food Options– A guide to options for attracting healthy retain enterprises and increasing access to fresh produce.

Be a City with a Healthy Workforce A guide to employee wellness policies and programs.

12 Ways to Make Your City a Healthy and Hunger-Free City- A guide to understanding and addressing food insecurity in your community.