The HEAL Cities Campaign toolkit contains nine fact sheets:

Is Your City a HEAL City?– A guide for determining how cities can join the HEAL Cities Campaign and benefits they will receive along the way.

Be an Active City– A guide for assessing city readiness for adopting HEAL Cities Campaign policies and steps for moving forward.

A Cities Role in Building a Healthy Community– An overview of the obesity epidemic and the benefits of adopting municipal policies to create a healthier food environment.

Be a City with Healthy Food Options– A guide to options for attracting healthy retain enterprises and increasing access to fresh produce.

Be a City with a Healthy Workforce A guide to employee wellness policies and programs.

Obesity: Oregons Preventable Health Crisis– An overview of the burden of weight-related diseases in Oregon.

HEAL Cities Policy Menu– A guide to help civic leaders determine what policies might help expand options for healthy eating and active living.

The HEAL Cities Campaign Draft Resolution– A simple one-page resolution that a city can use to join the Campaign. Suitable for cities that already have some HEAL policies, as well as those that are just getting started.

12 Ways to Make Your City a Healthy and Hunger-Free City- A guide to understanding and addressing food insecurity in your community.


Printed versions available on request.